InfiniBricks is the next generation of Infrastructure as a Service model for in-house Cloud solution. It delivers complete virtualized compute, networking, storage, and management in a rented appliance covering all aspects to run your private Cloud within minutes. The InfiniBricks appliance bundles hardware, software, support and maintenance in a true “appliance” fashion.

  • Infini#Bricks delivers converged infrastructure that replaces traditional datacenter architectures built with separate servers, storage and networking devices.  Convergence simplifies infrastructure purchase, deployment, management and support. Convergence reduces power and space, and eliminates storage network complexity. Infini#Bricks delivers predictable scalability, easy deployment, simple management and lower TCO.


    Spinning Up Your New Virtual Data Center In Minutes

    In a matter of minutes, with just a few clicks your complete data center can be designed, built, provisioned, and fully operational including all servers, storage, IPs, and more. Additionally, the Infini#Bricks comes at the exact amount of the costs you can expect. Infini#Bricks – technology that adapts to your requirements; not the other way round.


    • Enables rapid infrastructure provisioning for development and production workloads,
    • Is optimized for hosting applications that require secure, compliant and performance tuned infrastructure,
    • Provides a platform for developing, designing and deploying cloud-native applications.

    Simple Pricing

    Spend less and get more from your in-house cloud IaaS. Benefit the best price/performance ratio – with pay-as-you-go, monthly based pricing.  No up-front payments! No hidden charges! Our clear, simple pricing model eliminates surprises and is based on 3 known values: CPU Cores + RAM + Storage.

    Business Benefits

    Infini#Bricks natively integrates compute and storage infrastructure into a single appliance deployed in scale-out cluster. It reduces power and space, and eliminates complexity. Built-in virtualization makes management truly light, shifting focus back to applications. Infini#Bricks delivers invisible infrastructure for next-generation enterprise computing by integrating storage, compute and virtualization into a turnkey converged solution. Infini#Bricks elevates IT to focus on the applications and services that power their business.

    IT needs next-generation datacenter infrastructure that delivers cloud-like economics and agility, but with the security and reliability of on-premise solutions.

    How Your Enterprise Will Benefit:

    • Limitless Scalability: Scale infrastructure predictably with no limits
    • Fastest Time-to-Value: Faster time to value in buying, deploying, and managing.
    • Small Footprint: Up to 90% Reduction in power, cooling, and space with a 2U form factor as a starting point.
    • Time for IT Innovation: Free IT resources to focus on important business initiatives and true innovation
    • Lower Costs: 40-60% Reduction in overall CapEx and OpEx.

    Infini#Bricks platform is the ideal IT infrastructure for your private cloud deployments. Infini#Bricks accelerates your organization’s journey to the cloud, turning your datacenter into a flexible and scalable asset. The solution merges server, storage and network resources into a single appliance, bringing the benefits of best technologies to enterprise private and hybrid clouds, at any scale. You gain the ability to support multiple workloads with their unique performance needs on the same platform.

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