The Bulgarian IT Company, Stone Computers, challenges the world leaders in IT technologies announcing its innovative solution for private In-House cloud – InfiniBricks

Cloud and Virtualized systems delivers multiple benefits, such as huge cost savings, better flexibility (for example: implementation of new virtual machines in a minutes, not for weeks) and many others.

According to the latest world statistics, 82% of the IT managers are seeing Cloud as the new technology, which they need to embrace for reducing IT costs and transforming the IT infrastructure to OPEX model. However, 66% of IT managers have serious concerns about the security and privacy of their data, and above 50% of the users in the cloud have to storage their date within the country due to law and regulatory requirements. Above 66% of the IT managers want to know where their data is located, which is impossible when using some of the big cloud providers. 70% of the IT managers requires personalized support of their solution by the provider including assistance with the migration process. These and some other reasons urge the enterprise customers to ask for private cloud that meets their security, reliability and performance requirements, while also providing the flexibility they require.

As an answer to the search we have developed InfiniBricks, the innovative enterprise class solution for private In-house cloud with integrated management, providing the organizations with the simplified cloud experience they want, with the control and performance they need.

InfiniBricks delivers the opportunity to use your own private cloud in your data center when paying on monthly usage basis. With this innovative solution for private in-house cloud you can reduce the costs for infrastructure, electricity, cooling and support up to 80%.

InfiniBricks is a fully integrated and cost effective platform for complete private cloud. It delivers complete virtualized compute, networking, storage, and management in a rented appliance covering all aspects to run your private Cloud within minutes.

With the С Plug & Play platform by Stone Computers you can easily start new services without unnecessary complexity and with support costs savings with over 50%.

The converge private In-House cloud solution delivers wide range of integrated and predefined software applications and data bases, including integrated functionalities for Disaster Recovery, backup and VDI.

In addition, InfiniBricks could be delivered as a managed service with 24x7 support and guaranteed service level agreements according to the specific needs of the customer.  

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